Over the centuries Scots have proved not only to be prolific inventors but also outstanding developers of other peoples ideas and pastimes. An example of this talent is in the world of curling. Scots are recognised the world over as leaders in the playing and development of the game and in some quarters are credited with its discovery.
The 1565 painting "Hunters in the Snow" by Holland's Peter Breugel features scenes resembling modern curling. However by 1630's along with golf and archery, curling had become a major recreational pastime in Scotland.
Lochs no longer freeze to the extent that they did during curling's main expansion period in the 19th century, when it was played in almost every Scottish parish. As a result the 20,000 active members of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club now play indoor on refrigerated ice.
Scottish immigrants introduced curling to Canada and in 1807 the first club, The Montreal Curling Club, was founded. As Scottish influence spread throughout North America so did the sport of curling. By 1900 exceptionally cold winters had driven the sport indoors with most clubs building indoor rinks.
In 1832 a group of Scottish farmers organised the first curling club in the United States with the formation of the Orchard Lake Curling Club of Detroit.


Date: 6th - 9th
Event: Stakis Masters. WCT-E Tournament
Venue: Perth
Date: 7th - 8th
Event: Junior Challenge 1
Venue: Drimsynie, Lochgoilhead
Date: 8th
Event: The Millennium Grand Match
Venue: All
Date: 14th - 16th
Event: Scottish Ladies Gold League
Venue: Kinross
Date: 18th - 20th
Event: Bank of Scotland Junior Districts
Venue: Greenacres, Kinross and Gogar Park
Date: 18th - 20th
Event: South West SAAB of Ayr Senior Districts
Venue: Stranraer, Aberdeen, Forest Hills and Murrayfield
Date: 27th - 30th
Event: Bank of Scotland Scottish Men's Districts
Venue: Galleon and Lockerbie


Date: 4th - 6th
Event: Scottish Ladies Gold League Finals
Venue: Perth
Date 5th - 6th
Event: Bank of Scotland Men's Repechage
Venue: Perth
Date 8th - 13th
Event: Bank of Scotland Junior Finals Venue: Perth
Date: 15th - 20th
Event: Bank of Scotland Scottish Championship Finals
Venue: Braehead
Date: 25th -27th
Event: South West Saab of Ayr Senior Finals
Venue: Ayr
Date: 28th February - 2nd March
Event: Scotbeef Henderson Bishop Finals
Venue: Aberdeen

Date: 1st - 4th
Event: Maxwell Trophy
Venue: Stirling
Date: 3rd - 5th
Event: Bank of Scotland Scottish Mixed
Venue: Aberdeen
Date: 10th - 12th
Event: Letham Grange Pairs Finals
Venue: Letham Grange
Date: 14th
Event: Morton Trophy
Venue: Kirkaldy
Date: 17th - 19th
Event: The Galleon Rink Championship
Venue: Galleon
Date: 17th - 19th
Event: Bank of Scotland School Finals
Venue: Perth
Date: 18th - 26th
Event: World Junior Championships
Venue: Geising, Germany

Date: 1st - 9th
Event: World Seniors Championships
Venue: Braehead, Glasgow
Date: 1st - 9th
Event: Ford World Championships
Venue: Braehead, Glasgow











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