Although basketball had been played in America as far back as the late 1800's it was not until after the Second World War that it was officially played in Scotland.
The Amateur Basketball Association of Scotland was formed in 1946. Two years later at the Ross Bandstand in Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens a crowd of over 1000 watched an exhibition match featuring the United States Olympic team. This same team went on to lift the Olympic Gold Medal in London.
At Glasgow's Kelvin Hall in 1947 the Pleasance club of Edinburgh beat Aberdeen University to win the first Scottish Cup final. They successfully defended their title the following year, this time in Princes Street Gardens with a victory over Jordanhill.
In 1948 the first exhibition match between Glasgow and Edinburgh took place at the Falkirk Ice Rink. This was to become an annual event until the inter-regional championships were started in 1964.
From these humble beginnings the Scottish Basketball Association has developed the sport to a level today where 57 clubs throughout Scotland play in eight leagues. They run an extensive development programme in Scottish secondary schools.
Another important development they are involved in is BOLD (the Basketball Organisation for Learning Disabilities) and have ten teams participating in the Scottish Disability Sports leagues.
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Scottish Basketball Association
Caledonia House
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Tel: +44 (0) 131 317 7260
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SM - Senior Men SW - Senior Women JM - Junior Men JW - Junior Women CM - Cadet Men CW - Cadette Women
January 29th
Match #: JM 206
Time: 11.00am
Home Venue: Dunfermline HS
Home Team: Dunfermline
Visitors: Aberdeen Leopards
Match #: JW 36
Time: 11.15am
Home Venue: Saltire LC
Home Team: Musketeers
Visitors: Polonia
Match #: CM 109
Time: 11.30am
Home Venue: Northfield Academy
Home Team: Buccaneers
Visitors: St Mirren McDonald's
Match #: CM 207
Time: 11.45am
Home Venue: Tryst SC
Home Team: Cumbernauld
Visitors: Midlothian Saints
Match #: JM207
Time: 12.20
Home Venue: Inverness SC
Home Team: act Highland
Visitors: Midlothian Saints
Match #: SM20
Time: 1.15pm
Home Venue: Dunfermline HS
Home Team: Dunfermline
Visitors: Troon
Match #: CM 107
Time: 2.20pm
Home Venue: Inverness SC
Home Team: atc Highland
Visitors: City of Edinburgh
Match #: CM 209
Time: 3.30pm
Home Venue: Mariner SC
Home Team: Clark Eriksson Fury
Visitors: Paisley
Match #: CM 108
Time: 4.20pm
Home Venue: Arbroath SC
Home Team: C.K. Musketeers
Visitors: Kilmarnock
Match #: JM 208
Time: 6.20pm
Home Venue: Arbroath SC
Home Team: C.K. Musketeers
Visitors: Paisley
January 30th
Match #: JM 129
Time: 12.15pm
Home Venue: Northfield Academy
Home Team: Buccaneers
Visitors: Glasgow d2
Match #: SW 12
Time: 12.20pm
Home Venue: Kirkliston LC
Home Team: Door Centre Devils
Visitors: Glasgow d2
Match #: JM 106
Time: 1.00pm
Home Venue: WHEC
Home Team: Boroughmuir
Visitors: City of Edinburgh
Match #: JM 107
Time: 4.50pm
Home Venue: Marr College
Home Team: Troon
Visitors: Clark Erriksson Fury
Match #: JM209
Time: 9.45pm
Home Venue: Linwood SC
Home Team: St Mirren McDonald's
Visitors: Denny
7th - 9th
Event: Edinburgh 2000 Tournament
Venue: Meadowbank SC
15th - 16th
Event: National Team Training (male squads)
15th - 16th
Event: CW Scottish Cup Quarter Finals
22nd - 23rd
Event: National Team Training (female squads)
29th - 30th
Event: SSBA Girls Semi Final
Venue: Dundee University
29th - 30th
Event: SM and SW Scottish Cup Quarter Finals
12th -13th
Event: Sunny Delight National 3v3 Championship First Round
Event: CW Dobbing Cup Internationsl
Venue: Telewest Arena, Newcastle
26th -27th
Event: SSBA Boys Semi Finals
Venue: Grangemouth SC
Event: Junior and Cadet Men Scottish Cup Semi Finals
3rd - 4th
Event: Cadet Men's Four Countries International Tournament (FCIT)
Venue: Wales
3rd - 4th
Event: Cadette Women's FCIT
Venue: Beach LC, Aberdeen
3rd - 5th
Event: BUSA Basketball Finals
Venue: Nottingham
4th - 5th
Event: SW and SM Scottish Cup Finals
Event: Sunny Delight UK Semi Final
Venue: Edinburgh
11th - 12th
Event: CW and JW Scottish Cup Semi Finals
15th - 16th
Event: SSBA Cup Finals
Venue: Meadowbank SC
18th - 19th
Event: SSBA Open 'A' Finals and First Year Festival
Venue: Dundee University
25th - 26th
Event: Scottish Cup Semi Finals (SM/SW)
8th - 9th
Event: Scottish Cup Finals
Venue: Kelvin Hall ISA
12th - 14th
Event: Senior Women's FCIT incorporating the President's Cup Finals
Venue: Kelvin Hall ISA
12th - 14th
Event: Junior Men's FCIT
Venue: Colchester
20th - 21st
Event: SSBA U15 Inter Area Tournament
Venue: Grangemouth
6th - 10th
Event: SM European Promotion Cup
Venue: Andorra
14th - 18th
Event: SW European Promotion Cup
Venue: Fyrom
1st - 2nd (provisional date)
Event: National Technical Seminar
3rd - 7th
Event: Basketball Scotland National Player Performance Camp
Venue: Perth
10th - 15th
Event: Basketball Scotland National Summer Camp
Venue: Perth
12th - 16th
Event: CM European Promotion Cup
Venue: Malta
19th - 23rd
Event: CW European Promotion Cup
Venue: Gibralter
Event: Annual General Meeting
National Basketball League Season 2000/2001 Commences.

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