Romans in Scotland

After years of fierce fighting, Emperor Hadrian ordered construction of a wall to be known as Hadrian’s Wall – erected from the River Tyne to Solway. This was built to keep out the tribesmen who continued to invade Roman occupied lands and slaughter entire Legions during night-time raids. Constant raiding and ambushing of the Roman Legions led Emperor Hadrian to come to Britain. But he could see no reason for ruling Scotland – too much trouble for little reward. England was quite enough and ordered Hadrian’s Wall to be completed – this would be the limit of Rome’s Europe.

However, in 143 the Romans tried again to suppress the north. Another wall (this time more like a barricade) was built – The Antonine Wall, north of Hadrian’s Wall, it ran from the rivers Forth to Clyde, cutting Caledonia off from the rest of Roman Britain.

Around the year 155 the northern tribes became restless again and began attacking the wall and routing the Romans. This eventually persuaded the Empire to leave Scotland to the natives. However, Roman occupation in England lasted for a further 200 years.

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