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Snowboarding Tours

An early morning winter scene

Leaves Edinburgh every Saturday morning at 7am, and returns on Sunday night and will run as long as there is snow.

It costs £115 and you get:

We believe that this in a one of a kind tour, which utilizes another of Scotland's great facilities - pure dead gorgeous mountains with snow on them - and what's more, it's cool as . . .

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5 Day Skye Trekker tour 5 day tour Skye Trekker tour. A truly exhilarating adventure trekking through the unspoilt glens of Skye, for just £165

A group enjoying a break at Seil Island
Our 5 Day Skye Trek Holiday will totally immerse you in Scotland's charm and beauty - we take you on foot through one of Scotland's most ancient and magical glens, with the jagged, Black Cuillin mountains rising on the west and the massive rounded Red Cuillins to the east. After a night camping under the stars we take you over the "bad step" to Loch Coruisk, a loch which in Victorian times had almost mythical status and is set amongst the most daunting of mountain scenery. Our trekking tours run from May to September.

Day One: A full tour from Edinburgh to Skye via Loch Ness
Day Two: Trekking through Glen Sligachan
Day Three: Trekking to Loch Coruisk
Day Four: Bus tour around the north of Skye
Day Five: Back to Edinburgh via Glen Coe and Stirling

Click here to see the FULL ITINERARY for the 5 Day Skye Trekker tour

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Adventure Afternoons
Adventure afternoons for all

Check out our latest Adventure Afternoon activities.

* Our 7 day, 5 day and Jump-on Jump-off tours offer an optional adventure afternoon. Activity prices start at £5 and include abseiling, mountain biking, wind-surfing, white water rafting and kayaking

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