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Glasgow - Cultural Ambassador from the West


Take the energy of New York, add in the shopping potential of Milan, combine the cafe society of Budapest , add the warmth of the Irish, and you¹ve got Glasgow. A superb city. A city for those who love cities.

Nowhere in the United Kingdom has the energy and zest of Glasgow in the 21st century and now is a great time to visit . Like Dublin, you may come to see the sights, but it¹s the people you¹ll remember.

Glaswegians have a genius for instant friendship. Tempered by a huge dose of Celtic warmth and friendliness, their humour and quick witted conversation is something you can¹t fail to notice. . Go into a Glasgow pub and just sit back and listen. Glasgow patter is a delightful combination of Irish 'craik¹ with English irony. It¹s abrasive, coarse, clever and very, very amusing. When it transpires you¹re a visitor, settle in for the night and prepare for a session; Glaswegians like an appreciative audience and will play to the crowd all night.

As much as Edinburgh is 'Private', Glasgow is 'Public'. You¹ll see the word 'Public' throughout the city, carved out of the ubiquitous red sandstone municipal buildings. Public Library, Public School, Public Baths - the latter being truly wonderful institutions known as 'steamies'- served until the 1960¹s as the favoured meeting place for the army of housewives who gathered there daily, ostensibly do the family's laundry, but far more importantly, to catch up on the latest gossip. And Glasgow still opens her doors to everyone and anyone. No pretentions ... just a lot of fun.

Britain¹s finest Victorian city, Glasgow in the 1990's was the result of the sheer determination of Glaswegians in the 1980's to make the most of their architecture, heritage and culture. Having achieved the accolade 'Cultural Capital of Europe 1990' Glasgow gained a confidence in herself that a decade before would have been unthinkable . Now there¹s no stopping her.



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Glasgow - Cultural Ambassador

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