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Life in Scotland offers both inhabitant and visitor alike enormous variety. For a country of its size the diversity of its industrial and commercial activities, married to the fabulous range of social pastimes available, means that everyone has the opportunity to experience life to the full.

It is sometimes hard to remember that it wasn't all that many years ago when the pubs shut at 10pm and the one and only single screen cinema in the area was really pushing the boat out when it changed its programme twice a week. Of course pubs and cinemas did not open on a Sunday. During those times, apart from going to church, the main activity on a Sunday for the majority of children in Scotland was a walk in the park and, if you were lucky, an accompanying bag of sweets.

Although some may contend that matters might have gone too far, it is fair to say that Scotland has now become one of the most sophisticated centres of fashion and culture in Europe. The main cities and towns offer as varied a range of activities and pastimes as can be found in many capitals throughout the world.

But the really good news is that the country has managed to achieve this level of sophistication without loosing sight of the traditions and standards of hospitality and openness that Scotland is famous for.

Throughout the pages of local events that follow you will find the type of day out that you and the family can enjoy. They are by and large inexpensive, and by attending you will by able to take part and witness 'real' Scotland at play.

Everything is there: sheep dog trials, highland games, pipe band and highland dancing competitions, music and art festivals, horticultural shows, sea fests, lifeboat open days, the list goes on and on. Get the map out, find a local event and make a real Scottish day of it.

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