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Dinner Suprises

We invite your party to dinner, where they shall be waited on by staff in authentic dress while they enjoy the meal which you have generously provided. A typical scenario for mid meal entertainment may be clansmen bursting into the room to attempt to kidnap a prearranged member of the party (e.g. birthday boy or girl, promoted member of staff, business associate, etc.) He or she will be rescued by more of our clansmen, during which an enthralling battle will take place. Additionally, or after the meal, another member can be chosen to be dressed in our highland clothing for that alternative photo opportunity with our clansmen. The group can then carry on with the meeting, meal, etc.

We have entertained in this way many times, performing for different nationalities. It has always been agreed afterwards that the occasion broke the ice that sometimes exists between newly acquainted business associates or staff who don't get together very often. Audiences are usually delighted, relaxed and receptive to open conversations.

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