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Coach Ambushes

We can provide various senarios as part of our repertoire which include skirmish and ambush senarios with exciting wepaon displays all performed by our well trained clansmen. We could provide this service as part of your existing ewxcursion, by arranging a rendezvous with your tour company which would allow us to conceal our clansmen on the coach while the passengers are sight seeing.

We could conceal our clansmen in the toilet or luggage compartment ready to suprise your clients before or at a pre arranged location. This also opens up the possibility of an ambush by the roadside in full highwayman style.

To lengthen the ehole senario your client could then possibly witness an enthralling battle from opposing clans, where the victors would then rescue the coach party. We then give a brief demonstration of how to wear the highland plaid, you party are then encouraged to take photos posing with us, they are then free to go.

The above scenario and many oothers of a different variety can alos be performed indors at banquets of functions of any nature.

Our packages can be tailored to meet your requirements anywhere at anytime!

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