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Complete outfit includes:
Kilt - Jacket - Sgian Dubh - Flashes - Belt (if required) - Sporran - Tie (or Bow Tie) - Ghillie Brogues - Kilt Socks - Kilt Pin - (Wing collar shirt included with Prince Charlie outfit)

New 17th Century Belted Plaid Outfits only £45.00 to hire complete.

Weekend Rates
Adult/Youth Outfits
Prince Charlie Coatee and Vest - Complete Outfit.....£39.95
Semi Dress/Argyll Outfit less shirt.....£35.00
Childrens Outfits
Full Hire....£29.95

Normal weekend Hire
Collect Friday to return Monday or 3 week days. There is an extra charge for additional days required.
£5.00 daily - £25.00 for 7 days - £35.00 for 14 days

Please note a deposit of £20.00 must be paid on booking.
We also require two forms of identification.

Individual items may be hired
Kilt or Prince Charlie Coatee & Vest...£18.00    Semi/dress/Argyll Jacket....£15.00
Evening Sporran...£8.50    Semi-dress Sporran...£6.00    Day Wear Sporran...£5.00
Belt & Buckle...£5.00    Flashes and Hose...£2.50    Ghillie Brogues (up to size 13)...£6.00
Wing Collar Shirt...£4.95    Tartan Cummberbund & Bow Tie...£6.00
Ladies Tartan Sash and Brooch...£9.00    Ladies/Childrens Velvet Waistcoat...£6.00
Purple/White or Mauve Buttonhole...£1.50    Fly Plaid (when available) and Brooch...£15.00
Trousers...£18.00    Trousers and Jacket...£33.00

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