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Prince Charlie Coatee & Vest, Regulation Doublet & Vest, Montrose Doublet or Sheriffmuir Doublet along with a Dress Sporran, with Hose and toning Flashes, Kilt Pin, Sgian Dubh, Ghillie Brogues, and of course the Kilts looks very smart. A black or coloured Bow Tie with a Prince Charlie Coatee & Vest or Regulation Doublet, and a Lace Jabot and Cuffs with the Montrose and sheriffmuir completes the outfit. Bar Buckle Brogues are an alternative to the Ghillie Brogues. Tartan Trews ot Trousers can also be used as an alternative along with any of our Kilt Jackets and can be worn for Day or Evening Wear. A Black Prince Charlie Coatee & Vest is the most popular, but it is available in Navy and Dark Green.

Argyll/Semi Jacket in Black or coloured worstead to tone with your kilt with silver buttons is a very useful garment. There is a choice of cuffs either turn back with three buttons going across or laid on cuff with three buttons going up the sleeve - the latter is useful if you have to alter the length of the sleeve. This jacket can be dressed up or down depending on the Tie. A silver Wedding Tie, Black Funeral Tie, plain Worstead Tie to tone with Kilt, Club Tie or Bow Tie all of which cover all occasions. A Belt and Buckle, Daywear Sporran or Evening Sporran along with coloured Hose, Brogues and other accessories completes this outfit.

Tweed Jacket, optional Balmoral with Crest Badge,coloured Hose, plain worstead Tie and accessories is very robust. It can be topped off with an Inverness Waterproof Cape. For casual occasions a casual jacket or Sweater/Pullover looks the part.

Ladies and Juvenile Kilts are usually made with 4, 5 or 6 yards depending on hip/seat size. We suggest childrens Kilts have a hem. Gents Kilts have 7 - 8 or 9 yards in them. Kilts can all be adjusted by several inches in the waist and hip if measurements changeover the years. Medium worsted is the usual weight for a versatile Gents Kilt, although Heavy Worsted is very robust and ideal for outdoor wear. Ladies and Juveniles tend to favour the Fine Worsted as do many men who live in hot countries. Highland Dancers usually wear Kilts with lots of white in it and unlike traditional Tartans these shades change from time to time. We stock a range of these dress tartans.

These are often worn long by Ladies for full formal Evening Wear or they can also wear their favourite Evening Dress with a Tartan Sash. We make short Kilted Skirts for day and can make other styles of Skirts in Tartan as well.

TARTAN EVENING or DAY JACKETS can also be made up to a customers own measurements and in their choice of Tartan and style.


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