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SAL (Samuel Ashley Lawrence)
Approx. 18in High, CE Approved.
Limited Edition 500

Sal is hand made in long brown distressed mowhair, fully jointed and a very quite bear. With tan velvet pads and a shaved nose, a bear of distinction, wearing a red velvet bow.

Price & Carriage £155.00

ANGUS One bear from 'Bears of the Glen'
Approx. 15in high, CE approved.
Not Limited

Is hand made in cream distressed mohair, fully jointed wearing a Stewart tartan hat and scarf in cotton, a very appealing little chap with velvet pads and velvet inside ears. You can choose from four different cotton tartans:

Dressed Stewart
Red Stewart
Black Watch

Price & Carriage £130.00

Approx. 12in high, CE approved.
Limited Edition 500

Is hand made in brown short mohair and a longer mohair for his beard he is fully jointed and has tan velvet pads and carrying a leather shield with his name printed on in gold letters, a Caledonian rap over his shoulder, a true Scotsbear.

Price & Carriage £85.00

Approx. 18in high, CE approved.
Limited Edition 1000

Is hand made in mid brown distressed mohair, he is fully jointed with tan velvet pads and has large ears. We call him our little three year old Matthew.

Price & Carriage £115.00

Approx. 8in high.

Bean babies are a handmade porcelain head, hand painted with a soft bean filled body with matching bonnet trimmed with ribbons. In four different flora printed cottons on cream background, or in tartans.

Flora: Mauve, Tan, Blue or Wine.
Tartan: Red Stewart, Dressed Stewart or Black Watch

Price & Carriage £29.50

Pictured above with Matthew
Approx. 11in high.

All hand made, with porcelain head, hands and legs, soft body dressed in tartan dress carrying her basket of heather. They come in a choice of:

Black Watch Tartan
Stewart Tartan
Dressed Stewart Tartan
Lindsey Tartan

Price & Carriage £75.00

Approx. 11in high.

Mary is hand made with porcelain head, hands and legs, soft body and auburn hair, brown eyes that are expertly painted by our artist. Dressed in black velvet dress with a white lace collar with a long white head-dress also wearing her cross and chain around her waist.

Price & Carriage £75.00

Approx. 27in high.

Limited Edition

1 ONLY in red silk. Sorry but first come first served! Mary has a porcelain head, hand painted eyes with eyelashes and a composition jointed body. She is dressed ina red silk dress and bonnet with red ribbon trims.

A really beautiful collector's piece.

Price & Carriage £1,500.00

Approx. 35in high.

Limited Edition of 500

This little girl has a porcelain head, hands and feet with soft body which can be put in a sitting position. She is dresssed ina 30in ivory brocade dress. Along with her comes her story book which tells how she is blessed with freckles.

Price & Carriage £250.00

Approx. 18in high.

Limited Edition of 500

They have porcelain heads and hands on a soft pellet filled body that gives them the feel of a real baby.

Outfits are: 1. Tartan boy in Black Watch
2. Tartan girl in Red Stewart
3. Fleece boy in blue
4. Fleece girl in rose
5. Stripe boy in blue
6. Stripe girl in red

Price & Carriage £130.00 each.