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The Clanranald Motte & Bailey Fort

The Trust proposes to replicate an early medieval Motte & Bailey fort. This will be typical of the Scottish Clan Chiefs' residences throughout the earlier part of this millennium.

These were village settlements which were based around a bailey (the chiefs home and clan meeting hall), which was usually built on or beside a motte (a natural or man made mound). The level of fortification surrounding the bailey and any other associated buildings depended on the wealth & size of the clan, the fort's location and the strength of other local clans or aggressor forces.

The purpose of the proposed replica settlement is to create the atmosphere of an authentic medieval working community, where groups, parties and individuals can participate in and view a range of activities, typical of the period.

The Trust intend to use this development as a physical base from which to work with local education authorities, community & theatre groups, the national tourist industry, etc. They will participate with these groups in the dissemination of Scottish heritage & culture through interaction and other education techniques for the benefit of school children, students, the general Scottish public and tourism sector economy.

The generation of enthusiasm towards historical culture will be achieved through the provision of a complete interactive learning environment, incorporating national curriculum requirements, with hands-on experience, craftwork, self-sufficiency agriculture methods, ongoing building maintenance and the general living skills typical of the people of these times.

This will be a living working village where people will produce arts and crafts by traditional methods from their workshops typical of the era. Anyone connected with the attraction will be in period dress. No modern clothing will be worn and every effort will be made to utilize clothing materials similar to the times also.

To add further to the atmosphere, the Fort can offer banquets for weddings and special occasions, special events and other activities that may be demanded by the various groups involved and by independent visitors.

It is anticipated that the fort will be in demand for film production of period dramas.

For further information or donations contact: Charles Allan at the address below.

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