1. You can either browse Badgeshop by clicking on the product menu above or search for the badges you want by using the search function on the home page.
2. Once you have found a badge you are interested in click on its name to bring up a picture.
3. Add the item to your basket and change the quantity if required.
4. Once you are done shopping press on the 'review basket button' on the product page or the side navigation panel. From here you can proceed to the cashier by clicking the 'cashier' button at the top of the page. Please check your basket before doing so.
1.Fill in your details including telephone & e-mail address and click the 'next' button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. ( If you fail to do so the system will not let you send an order.)  
2.The final page confirms your order data including shipping and tax costs. Once you have reviewed this, choose your payment method from the drop down menu and click on the 'order now' button where you will be taken to a secure area to fill in your credit card details.  
3. Fill in these details, press 'send order' and your purchase is complete !!!  
4. If you have any difficulties in ordering from Badgeshop please send us an e-mail at