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Top 10 selling badges to 12/1/.2000:

1. Lion Rampant/Saltire £1.60
2. Alba £1.70
3. Union Jack/U.S.A £1.60
4. Scotland/U.S.A £1.60
5.Edinburgh Blue £1.25
6. Australia (rect) £1.95
7. U.K (rect) £1.95
8. Scotland/Canada £1.60
9.Edinburgh Tartan Border Coat of Arms £1.70
10.. U.S.A £0.85

We are Scotland's leading retailer of badges depicting national and international flags and emblems.
We have sold these from our shop in Edinburgh's Royal Mile for over 22 years. Whilst we specialize in Scottish Badges we have a wide range of International Embroidered Badges, Stickers and Pin Badges and badges from England, Ireland & Wales, all of which are displayed on our web site.
We are constantly looking to widen our range and if there is any badge you require which we do no have, please let us know and we will try to obtain it.

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