soup of the day £1.95
garlic bread with mozzarella cheese £1.95
corn on the cob - served with plain or garlic butter £2.50
verduras fritas - selection of deep fried vegetables in crispy batter with a warm teriyaki sauce £3.50
potato skins - with chilli , bacon & cheese sauce or tomato & spring onion with cheese sauce £3.95
cajun shrimp tails - king prawns deep-fried in crispy batter with a warm teriyaki sauce £4.95
snails - scottish snails served in a garlic & herb butter £4.95
sardines - chargrilled and served with a spicy tomato & pimento sauce £3.95
calamari - rings of squid in a sun-dried tomato sauce £4.50
mussels - in a white wine, tarragon & cream sauce £3.95
chicken wings - roasted in a barbecue sauce £3.50
chilli con carne - served with flour tortillas and salad £2.95
feta salad - feta cheese, red onion, green apple and olives £3.50
frogs legs - pan-fried in a creole sauce £5.50
ribs - honey roasted baby back pork ribs £3.95

burgers - 100% pure ground scottish steak mince burgers served with your choice of topping
plain - 4 oz £5.50 6 oz £6.50 8 oz £7.50
vegetarian burger £5.50
chilli, bacon, blue cheese, brie, guacamole,
orkney cheddar
£1.00 each
burger cheese, spicy red onion, mustard butter 50p each

steaks 8 oz ribeye £8.95 rump £11.95 sirloin £11.95 fillet £14.95
12oz ribeye £10.50 sirloin £13.95  
sauces peppered sauce, blue cheese sauce, creole sauce, orkney cheddar and mustard, drambuie and mushroom sauce all £1.00
cracked black pepper 50p

steak and seafood platter - 6 oz fillet steak with king prawns, langoustine, squid and mussels £16.95
kebabs - marinated kebabs served on a bed of wild and basmati rice
king prawn & monkfish £12.50 steak and mustard £9.50 satay vegetable £6.50
fajitas - marinated strips of meat and vegetables served with flour tortillas, guacamole, salsa fresca, sour cream, salad and cheese
chicken £10.50 steak £10.50 vegetable £7.50
tarragon chicken - chicken supreme in cream, white wine and tarragon £7.95
barbecue chicken - half a chicken chargrilled in hickory smoked bbq sauce with corn on the cob £8.95
cajun chicken salad - chargrilled chicken supreme coated in cajun spices served on mixed salad £7.95
chargrilled tuna - fresh tuna steak simply chargrilled and served with lemon mayonnaise £11.95
blackened salmon - chargrilled salmon steak coated in herbs and spices £8.95
aubergine parmesan - baked layers of aubergine, spicy tomato sauce and fresh parmesan £6.50
pasta - tagliatelle with marinated olives in a sun-dried tomato sauce £5.95
crepes - filled with spinach and mushrooms in a creamy cheese sauce and topped with pine nuts... £6.50
...or with chicken, mushrooms and walnuts in a creamy sauce served with green salad £7.50
chicken and avocado salad - chilled lemon chicken, avocado, celery, and sesame seeds with a selection of seasonal salad, wholemeal pitta bread, tarragon mayonnaise and raspberry vinaigrette £8.95
fruit and philadelphia salad - cream cheese with fresh chives, kiwi fruit and a selection of seasonal salad, fruit and berries with wholemeal pitta bread, minted creme fraiche and raspberry vinaigrette £6.95

unless otherwise stated main courses are served with a choice of : chips, baked potato, new potatoes or rice

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