Glencairn Crystal Studio specialise in the finest hand-made, hand-cut crystal, combining equisite design with superb craftsmanship.

Illusrated is a selection from our extensive range of products and an insight into the experience and expertise that Glencairn can offer to our client.

All engraving designs are produced in-house after careful discussion with the client to create the best presentation to compliment the occasion.

Attention to detail is precise, whether for a single piece or large quantities.

The company's success has been built on quality, but equally important is a reliable service and we ensure that every customer, having placed an order, can then relax in the confidence that their standard of quality and delivery date will be achieved.

Unlike any other crystal supplier Glencairn was established twenty years ago purely to serve the corporate customer and supply specially designed crystal with their own company logo engraved upon it.