Hors D'Heuvres & Appetisers
Cray Fish Seasonal Price
Yuk-Sung Chicken or pork wrapped in lettuce £6.00
Gourmet Mixed Hors D'oeurves for two With a selection of different starters £16.00
Butterfly King Prawn Deep fried prawn, breadcrumbs & a touch of wine £8.00
Barbecued Spare Ribs Peking style with a delicate honey sauce £8.00
Chicken or Beef Satay Chinese kebab in spicy sauce £6.00
Paper Prawns Mashed and wrapped in wafer paper £5.00
Deep Fried Won Tun Crispy light pastry and meat with sweet and sour sauce £6.50
Large Langoustine With garlic or sauteed with ginger & spring onion £12.95
Dim Sum Dumplings in a Bamboo Basket (6 pieces) Choose from:
Steamed Har Kau (Prawn)
Steamed Siu Mai (Pork)
Steamed Beef Ball
Deep Fried Fun Kau (Prawn)
Wor Teap (Grilled pork mince in pastry)


Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup £3.50
Crab & Sweet Corn Soup £5.00
Curried Beef & Rice Noodle Soup £3.50
Fresh Mussels & Yellow Bean Soup £3.50
Chinese Mushroom & Vegetable Soup Vegetarian £3.50
Lemon Chicken £9.95
Chicken Peking Style Lightly battered with ginger, garlic & wine sauce £9.95
Kung Po Chicken Gently fried with chilli sauce and cashew nuts £9.95
Diced Chicken with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce £10.95
Diced Chicken Szechuan Style Chilli, hot and spicy £9.95
Grilled Chicken with Garlic & Plum Sauce £9.95
Peking Duck Succulent whole duck expertly barbecued in crispy skin, served with chinese pancakes, spring onions, cucumber and savoury sauce Whole
Aromatic Crispy Duck Delightfully flavoured with different spices, deep fried to perfection, served with chinese pancakes, spring onions, cucumber and savoury sauce Whole
£21.95 Quarter
Barbecued Sliced Duck with Ginger and Spring Onions £11.95
Barbecued Sliced Duck with Garlic and Plum Sauce £11.95
Beef & Pork
Grilled Fillet Steak with Pepper & Garlic Thinly cut sliced beef steak cooked in wine & soy sauce £14.95
Fillet Beef in Oyster Sauce With Chinese mixed vegetables £9.95
Shredded Fillet Beef with Mixed Vegetables £9.95
Barbecued Char Siu Chinese roast pork in honey with soy sauce £9.95
Capital Pork Chop Very thin chop with onions in mandarin sauce £10.95
Fillet Beef Szechuan Style With hot chilli spicy sauce £9.95
Sea Bass Steamed with ginger and spring onions £17.95
Fresh Lobster With ginger and spring onion or black bean sauce Seasonal Price
King Prawn with Cream Sauce In light batter with chopped onions, mushroom and wine £12.95
Braised King Prawn with Salt & Chilli Dry
Scallops with Ginger & Spring Onion £13.95
Grilled Sole Peking Style In a light batter with ginger, garlic and wine sauce £11.95
Mixed Seafood with Black Bean Sauce £15.95
Sweet and Sour
Sweet and Sour Pork £9.95
Sweet and Sour King Prawns £11.95
Sweet and Sour Chicken £9.95
Sweet and Sour Fish £10.95
Various Meats skewered with onion, green pepper and spicy sauce. Served on a sizzling hot plate
Beef Satay £10.95
Pork Satay £10.95
King Prawn Satay £13.95
Mixed Satay Chicken, beef, pork king prawn £12.95
Seafood Satay King prawn, scallop, fish £13.95
House Special Dishes
Tofu Ma-Po Style Bean curd with minced beef and chilli £9.95
Aromatic Crispy Lamb Served with chinese pancakes, spring onions, cucumber and savoury sauce £13.95
Quick Fried Sliced Lamb and Spring Onion £10.95
Sliced Venison with Spring Onion or Manadarin Sauce £13.95
House Combination Beef, chicken, king prawn and vegetables £11.95
Crab Meat with Fresh Asparagus
Aromatic Crispy Chicken WIth chinese mushrooms, bamboo shoots, meat and oyster sauce (without pancakes) £10.95
Served with French Fries and Vegetables
Grilled Fillet Steak £17.95
Vegetable Satay £8.95
King Po Vegetables £8.95
Deep Fried Vegetables in Sweet and Sour Sauce £8.95
Mixed Vegetables Szechuan Style £8.95
Buddha Dish Vegetables and bean curd mixed £9.95
Vegetable Side Dishes
Mixed Vegetables £5.00
Beansprouts £3.50
Fresh Asparagus in Oyster Sauce £7.50
Rice Side Portions
Egg Fried Rice £2.50
Special Fried Rice Mixed with prawn, ham, meat and egg in bowl £6.00
Melon Fried Rice Rice Fried then baked in fresh melon with mixed meat and prawn £8.00
Chinese Noodles
Chow Mein Soft noodles with bean sprouts £3.50
Ho Fun Flat rice noodles with breansprouts £5.00
Singapore Rice Noodles With prawns, ham and meat, slightly hot £7.00
Ho Fun with Dry Fried Beef £10.95
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Table D'Hote By Chef's Recommendation
Dishes may be changed if preferred
Two People's World £26.95 per head
Gourmet Mixed Hors D'Ouevres For 2
Or Quarter Aromatic Crispy Duck
~Middle Course~
Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup or Lemon Sorbet
Beef with Green Pepper & Black BEan Sauce
Lemon Chicken or
King Prawn with Oyster Sauce
Fried Rice and Noodles
Chinese Stir Fried Vegetables
Daily Selection or Toffee Apple
Chinese Tea or La Cafetiere
Gang of Four (or more) £26.95 per head
Gourmet Hors D'Oeuvres For 4
or Aromatic Crispy Duck
~Middle Course~
Mixed Meat and Chinese Vegetable Soup
or Lemon Sorbet
~ Entree ~
Lemon Chicken
Szechuan King Prawn
Beef & Green Pepper in BLack Bean Sauce
Sliced Lamb and Spring
Fried Rice and Noodle
~ Dessert ~
Daily Selection or Toffee Apple
Experience our most exciting and very special banquet
Executive Choice For two persons or more £30.95 per head
~ Appetisers ~
Gourmet Mixed Hors D'Oeuvres
~ Middle Course ~
Aromatic Crispy Duck
~ Entree ~
Pick a dish per person
Szechuan Chicken in Bird's Nest
Beef with Mandarin Sauce
King Prawn with Vegetables & Oyster Sauce
Quick Fried Venison and Spring Onion
Steamed Halibut, Ginger & Spring Onion in Soy
Steamed Salmon with Black Bean Sauce
Special Fried Rice
Singapore Rice Noodles
~ Dessert ~
Daily Selection
Chinese Tea or La Cafetiere
Many other dishes are available. Please enquire for further details.