Hi, Ben's the name and fun's the game.
Welcome to my Lair.
There are 3 simple rules here...
Rule 1. No adults allowed
Rule 2. Only cool kids allowed
Rule 3. No more rules


This is my favourite dinosaur on the web, I have named him Rocky after my favourite cat.
My day with Nick Nairn
When I went to Scotland's larder for a cooking show with Marc, The Inn at Lathones Chef, we met Nick Nairn.
For everyone who doesn't know, he is a famous T.V. chef here in the U.K. and when he makes his pan go on fire, everyone says it's a Nick Nairn.
After Marc and I had finished our cooking demonstration, Nick tried to break the World record for the most amount of pancakes made in 1 hour. The target was 100 but he only got up to 98, so the record still stands.
Nick had a really cool sports car and when he left he went speeding down the drive.
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