Scotland. Whoever you are or wherever you are on earth this one word seems to cause a smile, bring a twinkle to the eye or evoke a fond memory. Scots are welcomed around the world and in return they are quick to welcome the world to Scotland. At there is also an option to buy a persuasive essay that focuses on this topic.

In this same friendly way may we bid you a fond welcome to We thank you for joining us and hope that within these pages you will find all you need to know to help you plan a business or recreational visit to our country. If you are visiting our site on a browse, then we would hope that when you leave us you will be a happier and better informed wee browser!

There are many temptations when compiling a guide to a country such as Scotland. You can take the "here's tae us, wha's like us" approach and drown the visitor to the site in a deluge of historical facts about the many remarkable things that Scots and Scotland have achieved. Another approach could be all "hoots man and awa' and toss yir caber at grannies heilan' hame"


However we are sure you will forgive us as long as we do not lose sight of our objective, and that is quite simply to provide you with all the necessary facts and information you need to know about Scotland. By using these pages you will discover, region by region, where to find all the major attractions, places of interest, where to shop, events to attend, where to fish, where to golf, where to eat and where to enjoy a wee dram and much, much more.

For a country of its size Scotland and its people have had an amazing impact on the history of many countries throughout the world. As a true warrior nation the Scots have not only fought countless battles in and for their own nation but throughout the centuries as mercenaries, have influenced the outcome of many a war on foreign fields. Just mentioning the names of William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and Rob Roy is enough to stir the blood of anyone who can claim Scottish ancestry.

On the gentler side, however, it was a Scot who discovered penicillin, thereby changing the way the world treated sickness and disease. Television, the telephone, tarmac, the steam engine were all invented by Scots. The romantic songs and poems of Robert Burns have turned many a heart, while his more couthier observations on Scottish life have made many chuckle as he gleefully poked fun at the authorities of his day.

So, once again welcome to Come on in, and for as long as you are with us we hope you enjoy the experience.